fake your breath, on tremble lean.

shut your mirrors,  haste downscene

angry habits, anxious lay,

don’t smile too fast, don’t die today.

i’m coming now. i will return

i’ll raise a pyre, feelings burn.


i might be dead, i might be here

don’t let me close, just fill with fear.

cut my skin and patch your soul

cut off my mask, unleash the ghoul.

for every step you wished you took

will gently stab me, easy hook.


the ones you hurt, the ones you lose

cigars you waste, the dope you choose

the nauseous morning wakes,

the lonely nudes, orgasms you fake

are your gift from fate above

the sweet echo, delayed love.


[don’t wait for me. i won’t be home.

my shade is far in hopeless roam…]